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Northwest Alpine Guides is excited to announce the opening of BaseCamp, our new meeting location and seasonal guide office in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, the Gateway to the North Cascades!

The morning of your climb you will arrive to our BaseCamp at 8 am (unless on a 5 day Baker program in which you should plan to arrive at 9 am). The barn doors of the Guide Hut open at 8am which gives us more than enough time to go over gear and for you to rent or buy anything you might be missing.

At 8 am you can enter the Guide Hut, introduce yourself to the staff and meet your guides. It’s best to bring all your gear with you when you enter as you will have to lay out everything for a gear check.

If you have rental gear, there will be a plastic bin with your name and equipment in it. Once you locate your bin and you have all your gear, lay everything out in an organized fashion and ask a guide to help you with your gear check. Guides will thoroughly check your gear to make sure nothing is missing.

Try on rental gear, especially boots, to be sure that all your rental gear fits. If you are not sure ask a guide and they will be more than happy to help you with sizing.

If you are missing any items, we have all the necessary equipment for rent or purchase in our Guide Hut.

After a guide has checked your gear, they will hand out any group gear that is needed for your trip that you may have to carry in your pack. In addition, if you are on one of our trips that provides breakfast and dinner a guide will help you get the appropriate food for the duration of your time in on the mountain.

Once a guide has checked all your gear, you have tried on your rental gear, you have your meals and any group gear you can now officially pack your backpack. Make sure to check out our guide to packing a backpack in order to make sure everything fits comfortably.

In addition to your gear, it’s necessary to have a Forest Service or National Parks pass for your car. If you don’t already have one, we sell Forest Service Day passes in the Guide Hut so purchase as many as needed for the duration of your trip.

Next, make sure to fill your water bottles and use the restroom if needed.

Once you and your entire group are packed, your guides will gather everyone together for introductions and go over the plan for the day before heading out for your trip. Have fun!