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Climb Rainier to Support The Himalayan Outreach Project

Update and climb Mount Rainier to Support The Himalayan Outreach Project

Rejuvenating Nepal’s Economy

Thanks to all of your generous donations to the Himalayan Outreach Project, Mountain Gurus and our friends in Nepal were able to distribute funds and contribute to a meaningful impact in rural areas of Nepal that were affected from the earthquake earlier this year.

“It’s been seven months since Nepal’s devastating earthquake. After being directly involved at Everest Base Camp on April 25th, I felt a deep desire not only to help my Sherpa friends but also return to the Khumbu after this traumatic event. What I found was the same smiling faces as when I left in May. The Nepalese are a resilient people, they understand what it’s like to endure hardship and the importance of pulling together, family, and community. They’re in the midst of rebuilding their country, and I’m glad we are doing what we can to help. I wanted to thank all of the individual donors and also thank the students and families of St. Spyridon College in Sydney, NSQ, Australia for their generous efforts.” Mountain Gurus Director Dennis Broadwell

The Mountain Gurus team traveled through the Khumbu region to check the conditions of the trekking trails for our Spring 2016 Everest Base Camp Treks. All trekking lodges and villages we plan to visit are 100% up and running and eager to see tourists return to help support their localized economy, though there is still a lot of work to be done off of the main trails and in more remote areas.

One of the biggest challenges the Khumbu faces is in reconstructing some of the schools in rural Nepal.

Relocating and Rebuilding the Gumela Primary School

The Gumela Primary School is located in the lower Khumbu area, across the river from Phakding, and was badly damaged in the April 2015 earthquake. Because of the intensive damage of this natural disaster and the general lay of the land, the foundation of this school has been deemed unstable by geological surveys.

Mountain Gurus is partnering with other non-governmental organizations to purchase land and rebuild this primary school with 10-12 new classrooms. We’re currently seeking to raise enough funds to build 2 of the 12 classrooms by late 2016.


In addition to rebuilding the school, The Himalayan Outreach Project is committed to providing a family of disadvantaged girls with new school clothing, classroom supplies like books and pencils, and assisting with their education fees. These three Sherpa girls lost their father earlier this year and Chhokpa (10), Nima Diki (8), and Pemba (3) are relatives of our guide Naga Dorgee and are excited about going to primary school in Lukla this year.


Rebuilding Sherpa Homes in Thame, Cheplung, and Lower Khumbu Area

Mountain Gurus is assisting our hard-working Nepali guides and close friends as they and their families plan and reconstruct the properties damaged by the earthquake. Naga Dorgee, Phurba, Lama, and Mingma are just some of the loyal and hardworking guides who have helped Mountain Gurus customers discover and fall in love with Nepal over the years.


Climb Mt. Rainier to Support The Himalayan Outreach Project

There’s still time for you to contribute. Join guides Dennis Broadwell, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, and Craig Van Hoy to summit Mt. Rainier for Nepal. Starting July 21st, 2016, we will be guiding a 3-day climb on Rainier as a Climb for Nepal. Proceeds from the climb will directly benefit victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake and support The Himalayan Outreach Project.

This is a guided three-day climb which includes a one-day climb school taught near Paradise Meadows and a two-day summit climb via Camp Muir and Disappointment Cleaver. The minimum donation amount is $1,500, plus $50 climbing permit. We are seeking individuals whose hearts are with Nepal during this difficult time. Set your goal high – contribute $2,000, $5,000, or even the height of Mountain Rainier: $14,411.

Lead Guides

– Dennis Broadwell, owner and Director of Mountain Gurus, has been guiding clients on mountains around the world for 19 years. He is the founder of the Himalayan Outreach Project and organizing the Rainier Climb for Nepal.

– Lakpa Rita Sherpa, a distinguished guide born in Thame, a small village in the Khumbu Valley which was greatly affected by the April 25th Earthquake. Lakpa has summited Mt. Everest an astounding 17 times, and in February 2009, he became the first Sherpa, and the first Nepali, to climb the Seven Summits.

– Craig Van Hoy, guides with Mountain Gurus and holder of over 400 summits of Mt. Rainier. Craig has climbed all Seven Summits including Mt. Everest. In 1989 Craig was a part of the first successful American expedition of the world’s third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga (28,169 ft.).

Mount Rainier Climb for Nepal

Day 1 • Paradise Meadows
Meet at 9:00 at Paradise Inn (front patio area) in Mount Rainier National Park. We will hike from Paradise Meadows to our training area. A pre-climb discussion and basic climb school will be taught. Return to Ashford.

Day 2 • Hike to Camp Muir • 10,100 ft
Hike to Camp Muir.

Day 3 • Summit Day • Mount Rainier • 14,411 ft
Summit day starts early. We begin roped climbing crossing the Cowlitz Glacier and passing over Cathedral Gap to Ingraham Flats. We take a short break and traverse to the base of Disappointment Cleaver. The climb continues up the DC route reaching the top of the clever at 12,300’. After a rest break we climb the upper Emmons glacier to high break at 13,500’. The route then climbs the final snow dome to the summit crater and a short walk to Columbia Crest the summit of Mount Rainier. Descend to camp at Ingraham Flats and return to Paradise.